Dutty Boukman aka Dutty Bookman: Haiti 1804

Tell my brothers don’t buss no dutty nine tonite
Tell my sisters don’t dance no dutty wine tonite
Mr. DJ and Mr. Selector don’t play no dutty rock tonite
That’s poison, we don’t need no dutty crack tonite
Tonite let us reason about Dutty Boukman
In Jamaica they called him Dutty Bookman
Tonite, let us talk about the Maroons from Maroon Town
While in the background we bumping some Dennis Brown
“Do you know what it means to have a revolution?”
Or are you consumed by Babylon’s dutty pollution?
So you know Dutty Bookman was a maroon right?
“Get up stand up, stand up for your right”
We move from Dennis Brown straight to Tosh and Marley
And later we will listen the speeches of Marcus Garvey

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Well back to Dutty Boukman, the topic at hand
Real African warrior, wise, brave and strong
Voodoo priest? Obeah worker? Call him what you may
But for innocent African children, he made slave masters pay
Like African bodies on the high seas fattening the sharks
He used slave masters blood to nourish Santo Domingo’s grass
So sister next time you hear dutty, don’t think dance floor
Think about the revolution that climaxed in 1804
See that was a revolution of which Dutty Boukman was the spark
To help drive the dagger in Babylon’s heart
So hail to Dutty Boukman and big respect to Haiti
Because of her poverty, some of you have been dissing her lately
Well, you could be rich enough to be on MTV cribs, you could even pimp your ride
But if you are ashamed of Haiti, bitch pimp your pride

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“In overthrowing me, you have cut only the trunk of the tree of liberty.
It will spring again from the roots for they are numerous and deep.”
– Toussaint lOverture

I hope this little poem wet your appetite and make you want to know more about Dutty Boukman, Toussaint l’Overture and the Haitian Revolution of 1804.



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