Family of slain Reggae Artist Nanny MISTIK seeks public support.

Nanny Mistik's sons



Nanny MISTIK’s sister Monique Martin (seen in photo along side nanny above) has stepped up to secure the welfare of her 2 young sons.

To that end, she realizes the enormity of such undertaken as she also has 2 children of her own. With the encouragement of others and with much reluctance, a GoFundMe account has been opened to garner financial assistance with the statement below:

My sister Dacia McCalla, artistically know as Nanny M.I.S.T.I.K was a reggae sing/chanter, on the cusp of accomplishing her life long goal as a musician. That dream ended tragically on November 14, 2016. She was brutally murder in her own home; a blow to her face/head left her unrecognizable. Her family are left with just questions, totally distraught. Her 2 young sons (5 and 10 yrs old) who she loved dearly, unfortunately had to witness their mother being bludgeoned to death; now motherless.

Due to the untimely manner of this tragedy, we have started a GoFundMe Campaign solely for the purpose of the covering expenses associated with laying her to rest; any balance with go towards the care of her children. We appreciate your kindness in advance.

Her last musical meditation – Everyday is a Blessing. RIP



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