Happy Drivers.

Gay Drivers
Happy Drivers

Merrily they speed down unpaved roads,
heading in the wrong direction.
No regards for nature’s laws, rules, or codes,
their minds are as stiff as an erection.

Their funny moods got them driving too fast,
hurrying to find pleasures in filthy places.
Some still drive cars with tinted glass,
so the public won’t see their faces.

People look at these drivers with frowns,
saying, “Why don’t they obey the speed limit?
Why do they insist on entering zones,
that are clearly marked as EXIT?”

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Now happy drivers are shouting back in disgust
“Mind your own business! let us drive as we choose
If it is not your traffic we disrupt,
then what do you have to lose?”

To me it’s not about what we have to lose,
but it’s about who we have to guide.
Can we at least teach our own youths,
How we believe they should drive?

Don’t expect school, church or government,
To teach your child for you.
Because some teachers, priests and congressmen,
are happy drivers too.

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