Luke Cage is not just America’s first Black Super Hero

Luke Cage

Who is Luke Cage?

Luke Cage plays the character of the wrongly convicted, unjustly imprisoned, altered in a failed prison experiment that granted him unbreakable skin and superhuman strength. With his street smarts, and unending determination to do right, he fights for the common man! He eventually married Jessica Jones and had a daughter with her. Luke was also a member of The Avengers and the Leader of Thunderbolts for a time.

Luke Cage
Luke Cage

“Mike Colter” above has taken on the Role in Marvel’s Luke Cage A Netflix Original depicts a super melanined, hoodie-wearing, ex-con who fights to clear his name and save his Harlem, crime-ladened neighborhood. He’s a Black Man like no other. His character deviates from the usual stereotypical drug dealer | gang banger | criminal Black Man! Instead, it focussed on the ultra strong, unbreakable threat to society.

Okay so he dresses in a hoodie which has been established as a nod to slain teen, Trayvon Martin and a visual argument against the assumption that a black man in such clothing is threatening.  What if such person existed? This without a doubt affects the police’s ability to do their job especially when there’s a need to physical dis-harm a target. So when a targeted black man isn’t Luke Cage, they die!

It’s possible that Luke Cage’s character can have a positive effects on young black minds who are use to seeing Super Heroes in White Bodies; Luke Cage could be their very own Super Man! What’s the bigger picture though? We may stand to lose much more than we stand to gain

While Luke Cage’s character is pretty cool to watch, does it perpetrates the ideas of the Sexualized Colonial Desired, Super Human Black Men that can absorb Bullets and Blows without a flicker of pain? Think about the ideas that created the irrational fear of police officers that uses black men as shooting targets and then justify their actions by saying they feared for their lives, even when the slain black man was on his chest with his hands up, even when they are running away, even in choke holds of police officers, even when clearly unarmed..there’s this idea of intense fear. Does this new Black Super Hero – Luke Cage help or hurt the Black Mans plight in America?



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