Marijuana Helps Lil Wayne Controls His Seizures.

Lil Wayne smoking marijuana
Lil Wayne smoking marijuana

Lil Wayne is a strong user of marijuana. In fact, they say his marijuana usage is up there with the greatest marijuana users of all time; like Peter Tosh, Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and Bob Marley.

It is also believed that marijuana is the best medicine for seizures and epilepsy and it is a known fact that Lil Wayne frequently suffers from seizures. So people are asking; if marijuana is so great for seizures, why is Lil Wayne suffering so many seizures even though he smokes so much marijuana?

The truth is; Lil Wayne only suffers from seizures when he is denied his marijuana. The last time the rapper suffered a seizure he was on an airplane and was not allowed to smoke as federal law prohibits smoking on an aircraft.

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Before the last incident, Lil Wayne was chastised in the headlines for using marijuana on an airplane. Lil Wayne asked to smoke marijuana on a private jet, but the pilot said no. When the plane took off, Lil Wayne lit up a joint anyway. The pilot turned around and parked him at the airport.

Now of course the pilot was only following federal laws and regulations. Lil Wayne however was only trying to save his own life as seizures can be very dangerous.

Prescription medication for seizures does not always work and most of them have uncomfortable side effects. Marijuana on the other hand seems to always work in reducing seizures and it does not have any side effects except for the munchies.

Supporting the idea that marijuana is a good idea for epilepsy sufferers, Medscape states on March 23, 2014, “For patients who have exhausted conventional therapies, medical marijuana, for which there is anecdotal evidence of seizure control, could be considered as an unproven, ‘compassionate use’ alternative. Any such use of marijuana should be carefully monitored by a physician.”

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So yes, marijuana is good for epilepsy and seizures, the problem is getting the federal government to understand that.

As for people like Lil Wayne who are dependent on weed to combat their seizure, they should not be allowed to smoke in airplanes but they should be allowed to use marijuana in some other forms, maybe in a tea or brownies.



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