MELKAM ADIS AMET‼️ Happy New Year Ethiopia‼️

18 Karat Reggae wishes to extend GREETINGZ  to all Ethiopians, Eritreans, Orthodox Families and Sons/Daughters of the Imperial Majesty – Emperor Haile Sillassie the 1st – Jah Rastafari!


Ethiopian New Year is a celebration of Renewed Life, ushered in by the ending of the extended spring rain and the period where the highlands are decorated by beautiful wild flowers. In amharic,  those who subscribe to the Gregorian Calendar chants MELKAM ADIS AMET!

As seen above, children are symbolically garbed in new clothes, others dance through the villages giving bouquets of flowers and painted pictures to each household (photo below. From an historic point of view, the return of Queen of Sheba  from her lavish journey to visit King Solomon in Jerusalem, is also symbolic to this season. She was welcomed back by replenishing her treasury with enku/jewels. Again, renewed life’


The spring festival has been celebrated since these early times and as the rains come to their abrupt end, dancing and singing can be heard at every village in the green countryside. In the evening every house lights a bonfire and there is much singing and dancing.


This is predominantly of East Afrikan significance; however, since the rise of Rastas in the West and around the world, the important of the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Sillassie the 1st (or as Rasta refer to H.I.M. Jah Rastafari) also gave rise to all things Ethiopian!


Gatherings around the Iconic Ethiopian Structure in Lalibela!

With that said…MELKAM ADIS AMET‼️ Happy New Year‼️



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