Peter Tosh finally gets his due! A Museum in his Honor!

Tosh Museum in Kingston, Jamaica
Tosh Museum in Kingston, Jamaica

Peter Tosh is without a doubt one of Music’s greatest reggae artists to ever grace a stage or grasp the mic; He is finally getting his just due.
Tosh gets a warmer embrace in the roots/Rebel Reggaé fraternity, he is viewed as the most authentic  of the Wailers.  In fact he is often referred to as the Original Wailer!

To mark the 40th Anniversary of his mega hit single “Legalize It”, the slain reggae legend Peter Tosh is getting some of the same historical treatment in his native Jamaica as the late Bob Marley. A museum devoted to the life and music of Tosh opens in close proximity of  the Marley museum: a major tourist attraction in the Jamaican capital. The Museum is a joint-venture collaboration between the Peter Tosh Estate, Pulse Investments Ltd, and Andrea Marlene Brown.

The famous Unicycle
The famous Unicycle

The museum will include exhibits memorabilia such as a guitar shaped like an assault rifle as well as his famous unicycle. Tosh received his country’s highest honor, the Order of Merit, posthumously in 2012 but has been less heralded in his native land than Marley. Tosh is imbedd in the DNA of Reggae and his legacy should accordingly be embedded in the DNA of his native Jamaica and so it is!



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