The Power of Hemp Root.

Hemp farmer
Hemp farmer

Hemp’s root has been used in the past in variety of ways. Its uses are endless: powerful medicine, an additive for gun powder, lye, and rope. But the medical benefits are amazing; the most interesting thing is that it has been used by nearly every one of our ancestors, yet today remains illegal in most places. Already, there are many different products which are made through industrial processes. It benefits our life the most by using it as sustainable resource all over the world.

Hemp vs. cannabis

The difference between Hemp and Cannabis is; they are both useful plants where cannabis contains THC and they are always female and pruned to grow the largest, fluffiest buds possible. While hemp is little to no THC content, meaning there are no psychoactive properties available from the hemp plant.
Hemp is non-budding male plants but help our industry to produce rope or other fibers, and grow much faster than their cannabis counterpart.
These plants slowly are becoming legal all over the world. Nevertheless, hemp has become one of the most valuable cash crops produced today. China is the leading producer and grower of hemp, but Canada is quickly approaching their volume.

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The value of hemp root

Approximately there are 50,000 uses of HEMP, producing paper, clothing and medicine. Especially because of the medicine it would be legal everywhere. The hemp root is one of the most important parts of the entire plant, by mashing into a paste, dried into a powder, boiled down and concentrated into a thick, syrup-like texture, and smashed for juicing, used for its diuretic properties and with slowing the bleeding during childbirth.

It has saved a lot of women lives while laboring and prolonged to be a staple crop throughout time.
The Romans were using it for reducing joint stiffness and inflammation by juicing and boiling it and as a treatment for worms, burns, as an antiseptic and as an antipyretic, reducing even the highest of fevers, as well as to alleviate toothaches, abscesses, and ulcers.

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What we do today…
Nowadays the medicine is so advanced and we know exactly why it is good for. There are 17 special treatment pills to prevent every illness. The Hemp root is being used nowadays as well as in the most developed nations it’s seen as a lesser form of medication.

According to 2008 study conducted in the Netherlands by Leiden University where exposed that hemp root contains glycoside, an organic molecule that helps the body rid itself of harmful toxins and poisons.

A lot of recipes are available where you can find and make your own hemp products, including teas, tinctures, and lotions. All of the Hemp’s root products are with different treatments and you can use them.
Try to create some hemp root product! If you have already one please share it with us.



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