Reggae Music Saved Her Life.


The following is a true testimony from Marlene George

Marlene George saved by reggae music
Marlene George saved by reggae music

Good evening Brothers and sisters! December 17, 2015 I went for surgery. During this surgery I went into shock and had a dream that felt so real. These men and women were singing to me and they took turn singing. Wow the music sounded so beautiful.

The music had beautiful tunes and beautiful beat as they took turn singing to me. When they were done I said uut loud, :Wow Beautiful music” and I open my eyes and saw the nurses. One nurse said, “tell me about that music.” I looked at her, she has my arms up in the air, slapping and rubbing them. She said, “Marlene stay awake, tell me about that music and what kind music.” I said to her “It’s Reggae music.”

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One nurse said, “Marlene, tell me who is your favorite artists.” As I looked at her, she said, “Marlene stay awake tell me about Who’s your favorite artists.” I told her I had a lot favorite artists. The asked me where they were from and I told her all over the world.

The nurse kept saying, “Marlene stay awake, tell more about that music” as she continued slapping, hitting and rubbing my arms. At this point one of the nurses told me she was from Jamaica and the other said she was from Nigeria.

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Now the doctors were shaking my legs and they all smile at me. My eyes finally opened wide but it took a while to control my blood pressure.

A nurses said, “Marlene how you feel?” I told her I give thanks to the beautiful music that woke me up. The nurse said, “Marlene give thanks this music save your life.” “Amen”, I said to nurse.

I give thanks to all mankind and different styles of music. Jah bless Reggae Family!



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