Is Popcaan afraid of Mr. Vegas, lyrically?

Popcaan smoking weed
Popcaan smoking weed

It has been a few weeks now since dancehall reggae star, Mr. Vegas, fired the lyrical shots that were heard around the world. Those shots took aim at fellow dancehall stars Popcaan, and the fiancé of Gully Bop, Amari.

At the time, dancehall fans were convinced that Popcaan would come clapping back with some lethal lyrical shots of his own. So fans have been waiting and waiting… and they are still waiting. Some are now starting to wonder if they are waiting in vain. Up until press time, Popcaan has still not responded to Mr. Vegas.

Could it be that Popcaan is afraid of the Bruk it down singer when it comes to lyrics? Vegas is more of a singer and Popcaan is more of a DJ; when it comes to clash lyrics, the DJ usually have the upper hand, however, in this case it seems like Mr. Vegas has the Unruly one petrified.

Maybe Popcaan only heard Vegas’ song but never saw the video behind it because let’s face it; it is the video that really claps Popcaan hard, not the lyrics so much. In fact, if you listen to the song alone, you might not even realize that Vegas was talking about Popcaan, unless of course, you were in tuned with their ongoing feud. So we have to assume Popcaan has not seen how Mr. Vegas depicted him standing outside of a bathroom and handing Drake toilet paper. Surely if he saw that, he would have a response, unless he believes that lyrically he is no match for Vegas.

If Popcaan fails to defend his manhood lyrically, this would not be the first time. A few Stings ago when Black Rhino stepped to Popcaan on Sting, instead of clapping back physically, the Unruly one clapped back physically. This incident led to Black Rhino releasing the song Courage the Cowardly Dog aimed at Popcaan.

Whether or not Popcaan will respond to Vegas remains to be seen, or heard. If he sees Vegas video, however, there is no excuse for him not to defend his manhood, lyrically.



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