Is Quada a sacrificial lamb for Vybz Kartel?

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Vybz Kartel freemason
Vybz Kartel freemason

Isn’t it coincidental and ironic that as dancehall fans optimistically wait for the appeal verdict for convicted murderer and dancehall star, Vybz Kartel, another dancehall star had just been charged for murder? But what if it is not a coincident and not so much ironic as it is masonic?

There have long been whispers throughout the dancehall community that Vybz Kartel is a freemason and the deejay has never been shy about showing off his ring with the masonic sign. So what if for his freedom, another entertainer had to be offered up to go and replace him for murder?

Think about it, just a few weeks ago, attorneys for Vybz Kartel notified the public that the verdict on his appeal will be coming shortly. Then this week another dancehall artist is being charged for a murder that happened in April of last year? Did it really take this long for investigators to find out that Quada was a part of the murder or is it that they just need an artist to replace Kartel so the world boss can be freed? That is how masonic societies work.

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It is also strange that at the time Vybz Kartel was charged for murder, Popcaan was his most prominent student. Now Quada is charged for murder and he is Popcaan’s most prominent student. Something smells very fishy.

Everyone that knows Quada is also saying that the deejay is not capable of such acts and others are saying why charge him when the man he is accused of killing committed such a wicked act.

“So wait, they are charging him for killing a man who raped and murdered an 8-year-old girl?” posted Simplysache.

So nothing about this ironic case is adding up except that it all seems masonic.

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Mystery and suspicion are woven into the history of the Freemasons, who trace their roots to the stone workers’ guilds that built medieval Gothic cathedrals. The guilds evolved into secret clubs over the years with secret handshakes and rituals, and symbols like an all-seeing eye, pyramid and compass.

In all seriousness, this is not news, not even an opinion piece; just one writer throwing thoughts out there. But if you believe all of this is impossible than stop running around talking about celebrities are into freemasonry lodge, Illuminati and bones and crosses; because what we just laid out above is exactly what freemasonry and illuminati is about.



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