Tom Brady is the Vybz Kartel of football.

Tom Brady and Vybz Kartel
Tom Brady and Vybz Kartel

The only person we can think of, who we can compare Tom Brady’s greatness to, is dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel.

Tom Brady is not only the greatest quarterback ever, he is the only quarterback to make history three times over in the same game. Imagine throwing for the most yards in the history of the Super Bowl, being the first quarterback to come back from a 25 points deficit in the Super Bowl and top it all off in being the first quarterback to win 56 Super Bowls. Sounds like a script from a Hollywood movie, except we all witnessed the reality this past Sunday.

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Vybz Kartel is not only doing the impossible but he is making the impossible look, well, pretty easy.

Even while being incarcerated on a life sentence for murder, Vybz Kartel continues to be the leader in dancehall music.

Before Brady was crowned the greatest quarterback ever in a field with Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Dan Marino and Steve Young; Vybz Kartel was already crowned the king of dancehall in a field of Beenie Man, Yellowman, Shabba Ranks and Bounty Killer.

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Like Vybz Kartel is the greatest dancehall artist ever, without question; Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback ever, without question.

Simply put, Tom Brady is the Vybz Kartel of football.



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