Vybz Kartel does first interview from behind bars in over 4 years.

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Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel serving a life sentence for murder has done his first interview from behind bars in a long time. The interview was made possible through coordination between Zojak Worldwide and Billboard Magazine; and finds the world boss having some heavy criticisms from the Jamaican justice system.

Kartel is adamant the he was setup by a corrupt justice system that not only convicted him for murder but also upheld the conviction during an appeal. He is, however, confident that he will get his day at the United Kingdom’s Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the final appellate court for Jamaica.

“I would like to say [regarding] the Privy Council that I am going to be out soon. Law and statute are what the council deals in, not corruption. The appeal hearing in Jamaica, just like the trial, was a joke, a kangaroo court, a circus,” Vybz Kartel said, according to Billboard Magazine.

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Despite being in prison Vybz Kartel still sees himself as an excellent family man and a great father despite the challenges of doing so behind bars.

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“Being in prison for the last nine years definitely took a toll on my family, my parents and especially my kids, early on. It caused me and my woman’s relationship to be destroyed as far as intimate love is concerned but we’re very cool and have never been in a better place. I [definitely] think they’ll do extremely well in the game, or they can’t say ‘Addi a me daddy,’ they’re all happy so I consider myself a real G that handles his business,” Kartel stated,

Kartel suggested that Jamaicans should be concerned with Jamaica’s skyrocketing murder rate and less about justice for Clive “Lizard” Williams, the man he was charged and convicted for murdering.

“Everyone is concerned with where Lizard is. Kids have been murdered but, whatever, they’re just kids…elderly have been murdered but that’s nothing…they were gonna die anyway. ‘WE WANT JUSTICE FOR LIZARD!!!’ is their cry. F–king idiots. Over 11,000 people and no national outcry. I don’t even blame government as much anymore because as the Jamaican saying goes, ‘if patient don’t care, what doctor must do?’ So, there is no fair trial,” the Summertime deejay complained.

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While Kartel would not reveal how he managed to records so much new music from behind bars, the world boss did not divulge a lot of information but attributed his huge success to determination, grit and hard work.

“I’m a very stubborn person, that’s where I get my strength from. If you’re gonna say Kartel being in prison will end his career, I’mma do everything to show you’re an idiot,” he lamented.

Vybz Kartel new album “Of Dons and Divas” will be released Tomorrow and will be competing with Buju Banton’s “Upside Down 2020” as well as “18 Karat Reggae Gold 2020



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