Vybz Kartel gets dissed by Jamaica’s Education Minister.

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Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

The king of dancehall, the one don, the Gaza don, the world boss, the jail boss or whatever he and his fans want to refer to him as; Vybz Kartel is convinced that he is the best dancehall artist in the history of Jamaica.

Many Jamaicans, especially the Gaza fans will agree with Kartel. One Jamaican who does not agree, however, is Jamaica’s education minister, Ronald Thwaites.

The minister took the opportunity while speaking to children at the Montego Bay high School for girls, to give Vybz Kartel a real tongue lashing. The minister even went as far as to refer to Vybz Kartel as “Bring down, keep down.” We suspect this means that Kartel has brought the youths of Jamaica to a very low place and is keeping them there.

<blockquote>I don’t want to criticize him too much, because I know you young people love him. But it is well known that the artist continues to make songs from behind bars. But instead of making music to uplift the youths of Jamaica the way Peter Tosh and Bob Marley did, all he sings about is sex and violence.

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I want to tell you, that’s what’s keeping Jamaica back, and what’s cranking us in education, is the violence in the society even the schools and this type of music we are feeding our children plays a big part of it. This type of music and madness also eats away at the family structure. And you students are old enough for me to say to you this evening that the greatest shackle of the slavery that we all went through in different roles, was the destruction of the African family form.

The most important thing that we can ever be in life is not to be prime minister or Usain Bolt or Shelly Ann Fraser or Vybz Kartel or anybody else, but it is to be a good citizen of Jamaica and the world. And you are preparing for that right now by your very involvement in the Kiwanis movement and in the service that you give.

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What we know, what science and observation tell us is that those young people who have a stable relationship, and a helpful relationship with at least one adult person, and preferably the two, whose activity brought them into this world, are going to do better.</blockquote>

Vybz Kartel continues to dominate the dancehall pace where new releases are concerned even though he incarcerated deejay is not able to perform at live events.



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