Vybz Kartel joins the Mavado vs. Popcaan war.

Popcaan, Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee
Popcaan, Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee

The unruly Popcaan or as Black Ryno calls him, courage the coward dog, might have ran out of the lyrical war with Mavado but that is not stopping his former mentor, Vybz Kartel, from “run een” into the war.

In his new dis song called “Step”, Vybz Kartel is calling no names but it is obvious that the barrage of bullets are aimed at his longtime nemesis Mavado.

In Mavado’s song “Dem Run een”, the DJ chants that, “Portmore say fi step past the father go murder the son,” eluding to the fact that he is bypassing Vybz Kartel, choosing instead to murder Popcaan lyrically.

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For that line from Mavado, the world boss responds with, “Portmore trick him fi mi kill him,” meaning Portmore people only wanted Mavado to focus on Popcaan so Vybz Kartel could ambush and murder the gully god, lyrically of course.

Surprisingly in this dis track, Vybz Kartel is once again embracing Bounty Killer as his daddy. “Killer hear gunshot a fire and look up and seh, Ok! That’s right… daddy jus a say fi continue gwaan buff yuh,” Kartel sings.

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We will have to wait and hear how Mavado will respond to this one. Mavado might have prophetically responded already, however. The song he used to bury Popcaan is called “dem run een” and like prophecy fulfilling, Vybz Kartel run een a di war. Maybe the gully god should change his name to Mavado Garvey.



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