Vybz Kartel might not be freed in 2019.

Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

It is the start of 2019, reggae music and dancehall fans are superbly optimistic. Buju Banton is free and fans of Vybz Kartel are hoping that the world boss will be free in only a matter of weeks.

Fans of Alkaline might not be looking forward to a Kartel release as they want their “champion boy” deejay to continue ruling dancehall in 2019.

Although Kartel’s attorney, Burt Samuels, painted a rosy picture at the start of the deejay’s appeal back in June of 2018, he now has a more tempered outlook on when the world boss will be released. The attorney is now encouraging fans of Kartel and the dancehall community as a whole to exercise patience.

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“There were four appellants and then the record of evidence and some six thousand pages, and we had two full weeks of delivering,” Samuels said. “Based on that amount of work, it is not surprising that the court has not yet delivered its judgment in that it’s been months since the appeal was heard, it’s pretty normal for the court to be deliberating. So we are just being patient because we understand the workload of the court of appeal.”

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So Vybz Kartel might not be performing live for his fans in 2019. Fans of the deejay can hope that he will be freed in 2019, maybe just in time to grace the stage at Reggae Sumfest 2019 but here is a good chance that he won’t be.



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