Ziggy Marley says he is not Black; we are not mad at him.

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Ziggy Marley and his wife
Ziggy Marley and his wife

When Ziggy Marley came out with his staunch support for apartheid Israel and no sympathy for the suffering Palestinians, we were the only Reggae publication to criticize him. In fact, as far as we know, not one single Rasta who claims to stand for justice for the oppressed dared to scold the son of the great Bob Marley. 18 Karat Reggae were the only ones to point out that Ziggy was supporting evil oppression.

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Now Ziggy has something he is saying to the world that you might think would anger us but it does not. In his new song, which he is giving away for free, Ziggy Marley sings; “I am not Black.” What the heck? Boy, your mamma is as dark as me and I am as dark as Shaka Zulu, you are Black. So why aren’t we angry? Well, in this case Ziggy is trying to promote love and unity among all Human beings. A far cry from when he stood in front a Jewish crowd and uttered a load of sh%t, talking about, “I will continue to support Israel no matter what anybody says or does.”

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Ziggy Marley actually deserves a lot of respect for this song and with the divisive hate mongering Donald Trump in the white house, every radio station should be playing this song to remind people that we are one.

In the song aptly named “I am human”, Ziggy makes it clear that, that is just what he is. Below are some of the lyrics from the song as well as the song.

I’m not a soldier, I’m not a jihadist
I’m not a Buddhist, I’m not a Hindu
I’m not a “what”, I am a “who”
I’m not black, and I’m not white
Tell me, if this is why we fight?
I’m not a Christian, I’m not a Muslim
I’m not a Jew, it shouldn’t matter to you
I’m not a capitalist and I’m not a communist
I’m not a socialist, I’m not the politics
Tell me, are these the reasons, you can’t live right?

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I have to say that after Ziggy’s ridiculous statements about supporting Israel and his performances in Israel, I lost a lot of respect for him. I hope this song is sincere and he is not just singing what he thinks people want to hear.
Listen Ziggy Marley’s new song, I am a human, and let us know what you think.



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    Deuteronomy 28:68

    “And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.”

    bottom line is we are the Biblical Israelite,OUR people came over here because they refuse to keep god’s law.. you want to learn more http://www.israelunite.org

  2. Why do you believe Palestine is not being discriminated against by Israel? Israel has stolen their land, homes…there are even Orthodox Jews in Israel, that disagree with the occupation and brutality of the Palestinians, by the Israeli government.

  3. The fact of the matter is the white racist mentalty is insidious. I remember when white interviewers were asking him how he felt when he found out his grandfather was white on interview. ( Bob Marley father is NOT actually white by the way ) so Ziggy cooly replied “nothing! No big deal” now here’s the problem white people constantly insist that black people like myself and Ziggy Marley and Bob are not Black. Why because when it’s suits THEM we are not. Jah know I will always be proud to be black despite my white mixed heritage I get from my mother, another very proud black women that happens to be of mixed heritage. This is a case of the silk cap sindrome with its roots in slavery. The silk cap was given to half castes by their masters. Many of them took it. True black warriors light it up and bun it. “Now I will leave you with Bob Marley’s words. Don’t let them fool you! Or even try to school you!” What I love about Bob and Barack and Marcus Garvey is that they loved black people. I wish I never went to see Ziggy in concert now, now I know why I was so, s@@t!

  4. Everyone miss the point of what the song is about. He said is this the reason why we fight. Then he is just a human and you guys are still fighting. As a song writer myself i understand what he is saying.

  5. Bob Marley wrote a song called Africa Unite. He never wrote a song called European Unite. He wrote another song called Zimbabwe. He never wrote a song for Rhodesia. One of his lyrics said “we leaving Babylon. Going to our father’s land”… He was NOT talking about Europe. You bloodclots can talk all you want about his British biological father. He was raised around US and his music was about US and for US.

  6. Good gawd, y’all. Don’t get yer panties in a twist.

    He’s simply saying I Am a Human FIRST & foremost. All these other designations are man-made to divide us & keep us distracted & fighting with each other. The sooner we realize we’re all humans stuck together on this tiny blue dot, the sooner we can work toward justice, peace & a better existence. That doesn’t mean there aren’t inequalities to address–it just means Babylon loves to distract us with every superficial difference while pointing the finger away from those in power who are causing the actual strife.

    Ziggy isn’t a representative of Bob Marley, Rita Marley or anyone but himself. If you don’t like his music, skip it. But all this “he’s a traitor because his wife is a white Israeli & he says he’s not Black” sounds like middle school reasoning. Unlike Bob, he’s a present father who spends time with his kids & includes them in his daily life & isn’t out cheating on his wife w/ women all over the globe. So there’s that. He’s always made sure to honor his mom when people overlook her in interviews & on social media. “People think I come from just my fatha. I have a motha too.” Sounds like a good man to me.

    The song had its intended impact: upsetting people & getting them to examine their silly labels & identities.

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  2. Ziggy Marley is killing reggae music.

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