Ziggy Marley’s beloved Israel is kicking Blacks out of the country.

Ziggy Marley and Benjamin Netanyahu
Ziggy Marley and Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel, the land loved and cherished by the Marleys, according to Ziggy Marley, is currently warning thousands of African migrants that they must leave, officials said, under a plan that could see them jailed if they refuse.

Benjamin Netanyahu announced implementation of a plan to deport about 38,000 Africans from the land stolen from the Palestinians.

According to the plan, the Africans either leave voluntarily or face jail and deportation.

Immigration authority spokeswoman Sabine Haddad informed 18 Karat Reggae that officials began issuing letters to Africans advising them that they had 60 days in which to leave the country voluntarily.

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To show that they are not completely wicked and cruel, Israel is offering those who agree to leave a grant of $3,500, a flight ticket and help with obtaining travel documents.

Should they not leave by the deadline, the grant would be reduced and “enforcement measures” would be taken against them and anyone employing them, the authority says.

Israel refers to the tens of thousands of African migrants who entered the country from Africa as “infiltrators”.
Despite Israel’s treatment of Brown and Black people, Bob Marley’s son Ziggy Marley has given unconditional support to the state and its apartheid tactics.

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Ziggy Marley has also continued to pretend to be a Rasta even though the main tenant of Rasta is to resist oppression.

18 Karat Reggae reached out to Ziggy to see how he feel of the treatment of Africans in Israel but up until press time we did not receive a response.



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