Reggae Star Chronixx gets ready for Jamaican tour.

Busy touring the world, the leader of the Reggae Revival Movement, Chronixx, seldom gets a chance to perform in his homeland in front of his Jamaican people. That is about to change as the reggae artists prepares for a Jamaican tour.

The tour will see Chronixx performing in Negril, St Elizabeth, the Corporate Area and Portland.

“From the inception of the Dread and Terrible project, I wanted to do something like this, but there have been so many engagements here and overseas…I just wanted to give Jamaica a show,” Chronixx explained.

“I have done shows like this so many times all over the world and I just feel like Jamaica gets left out as I don’t get to perform a full set on most of my local shows as there is always a short time on stage. It’s something we want to take right across the island as there are so many people who have supported Chronixx, we just want to bring the music to them,” he added.

The tour starts at the Rockhouse Hotel in Negril with two shows — next Wednesday and Thursday, March 11 and 12. The event which will also feature his Zincfence Redemption band moves to St Elizabeth on March 13 for the show at the St Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS). On March 14, the Corporate Area will have the opportunity to experience the set when he performs at the Karl Hendrickson Auditorium at Jamaica College in St Andrew. This leg of the Jamaican ‘tour’ wraps on March 15 with the performance set for Oyster Bay in Anchovy, Portland.

While fans have been able to enjoy Chronixx’s “Dread and Terrible” EP, they have yet to be entertained with an album from the leading torch bearer in the reggae genre. Whether that will change anytime soon remains to be seen as the artist was very elusive in his response towards that endeavor.

“I’ve always been working on an album, from the moment I started recording my music. But based on how the industry is right now it doesn’t really matter what you call a compilation of your music, whether it is an album or EP, music is music, so I can’t say if or what we’ll be be doing later this year,” said Chronixx.



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