Countri Boi Kingston – Melodic Yoza

Melodic Yoza
Melodic Yoza

The lyrics below were written by Melodic Yoza and the song is coming out soon, so be on the lookout.


Have you ever been to Kingston when the roads them block
And the guns them come out and its a politicians clash
Countri boi out here on some Kingston rock.

Hey Countri boi
am down here in Kingston
Countri boi
In the middle of Kingston
Countri boi
Am down here in Kingston
Just a Countri boi
In the middle of Kingston

In the concrete jungle where we meet
down in Kingston street where I play my beat
Down inna Kingston I won’t fall a sleep
Ah ah sey don’t fall a sleep
Cause have been up a down hell street
And the people I saw a the people I meet
just make me wanna stand up on my feet soldier for life
inna Kingston …

Zoom….sey 155
and mama done warn boy don’t drink and drive
But am out in Kingston having the time of my life
Countri boi getting caught up in the city life
Like cool Yoza take things lite
Men forget about it am going with all my might
Cause inna Kingston only the strong survive
plus am Careful of friends who will give me a fight
Like on the corner on some cd hustling
these vibes and flows style dat a bobbling
and mama warn mi there will be a hold bunch a trouble son
Nuh pull a Glac inna double if it’s trouble men’s and please don’t you run to the government
I take a meds to her arguments

Cause inna Kingston people don’t like nuh rat
Down inna Kingston you got to watch your back
Down in Kingston got to be like a hard knock
Am out  in Kingston and I ain’t turn in back….

Countri boi gonna make it
some how there ain’t no turning back now
Down inna Kingston
Countri boi gonna make it cause there ain’t turning back now
I leave all the hater in the dust
Cause they ain’t no turn in back no
Countri boi gonna make some how cause they ain’t no turning back now




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