Why is Jesus white?

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

Jesus being white is something that makes no sense at all, especially when you consider his birthplace. So then why are we constantly bombarded with a blond hair and blue eyes Jesus Christ? The answer to that question is best answered in the song “Stolen Legacy” by reggae artist Boom Viniyard. In the song, the artist laments:

Had they rendered Jesus Emanuel Christ as he truly is, your people would not have accepted him.

Your people meaning those of European descent. Caucasians would have a difficult time worshiping a Black son of God and survival of Christianity in the mainstream would be almost impossible. Not only would it be difficult for Europeans to fathom a Black son of God but they would have an even harder time accepting that God is Black. After all, the holy bible states that:

“In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.”

Jesus Christ is referred to as the word which seems to mean that Jesus is also God. So why can whites only accept a white God? Because that is the way their mind work. For them to accept something, they have to be able to see it through their own spectacles.

Jesus being painted white can be compared to Barack Obama being president of the United States. Obama is not the most intelligent, articulate or eloquent “Black” man to run or consider running for the presidency, however, he was the one with some white blood flowing through him , so he was more acceptable to whites.

The same can also be said of Bob Marley being the king of reggae. Marley was not a creator, he rode on what was already being done by earlier singers and players of instruments. Marley also did not have the greatest voice nor was he the best songwriter but the fact that his father was white, again made him more appealing to whites. Whenever something is dependent on money, white support is absolutely necessarily.

So Jesus is painted white not because he is white, but because it was essential for Christianity to appeal to whites.



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