Gully Bop the Dancehall Sensation Arrives in the UK.

From the gutter, the gully, the slums to super stardom. That is the story of the two front teeth, no jaw teeth, pum pum specialist Gully Bop. The man who shows that all things are possible with talent and perseverance.

Gully Bop is now in the United Kingdom for his first dancehall reggae tour, marking his first trip to a foreign country.

“Well them say me never a go make it at Jamworld. Say me can’t pass Christmas to the new year, but who JAH bless no man curse,” Gully Bop told 18 Karat Reggae upon arrival at the Gatwick Airport.

According to a release to 18 Karat Reggae, his first offshore performance is set for this Saturday at Club Diamond in Luton, followed by another at Scala in King’s Cross, London, on Sunday.

He is expected to remain in the UK until the end of March then return for performances throughout the Caribbean in April.

The Bop will also be in the United States this summer.



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