18 Karat Reggae promotes the love of the music, the lifestyle of the Rastafarian, the roots of Africa, the words of Marcus Garvey, the elimination of oppression and respect and tolerance for all humanity.   We aim to be righteous, we strive to be truthful, our hands are clean, our hearts are pure and our quest for justice is uncompromisable.

Visit this blog daily and read it diligently.  Read it to be wise, comment to make others wise and share it to spread the knowledge. It has light to direct you, mental food for your mind and satisfaction for your soul.

It’s food for the hungry, clothing for the naked, shelter for the homeless, hope for the hopeless but no mercy for the merciless.

Visit the music page where African drums will move you, Jamaican beats will groove you and  reggae rhythms will soothe you.  Your head will bob, your heart will sing and your feet will dance.

Sharing this blog is now your responsibility.  It’s impact on others will be your reward.

Happy listening! Happy Reading!  But most of all, Happy commenting!


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  1. Re the Kaci “embarrassment” if you wrote the article…. how ironic that a website devoted to music and the Rastafarian culture feels that the main ambassador of that genre is not important enough to be mentioned as a great contributor from Jamaica to the world…..ooh…. and on your important political points never forget ever…. that Jamaica was one of the first if not the first countryt o bawl out against apartheid…. in the struggle against racism. We’re all welcome to our opinions of course.

  2. hello im siervo outta spain i have a videoclip recorded in jamaica tivoli gardens..i want ask you if you can publish it in the web..the name of the tune its state of emergency

  3. Pleasssssse stop attacking Jamaican women. The issues of bleaching and who many celebrities choose to have on their arm have the same root, self hatred. Hundreds of years of European colonization and domination ultimately has irreversible damage on the enslaved. So, next time we attack…let’s attack the people who enforced these beliefs on the African slaves.

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