Rob Porter and Donald Trump
2016 US Presidential Campaign

FBI Raids Donald Trump’s lawyer office.

Federal agents on Monday raided the offices of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, who has been under intense public scrutiny for weeks over a $130,000 payment to a porn actress who says she […]

Trump Tower on fire
donald trump

Trump Tower is on fire!

A blaze broke out at Trump Tower Saturday evening, authorities said. The three-alarm fire erupted on the 50th floor of the high-rise on Fifth Avenue near West 56th Street just before 6 p.m., the FDNY […]

Jamaica Velvet Revolution
Crime and Punisment

Jamaica needs a People’s Revolution.

Warning: Read the document in full before passing consequential judgement. PEOPLE’S REVOLUTION (VELVET REVOLUTION) A Velvet revolution is a term used to denote a non-violent transition of political authority orchestrated by the people. The term […]

Buju Banton and Chronixx
Bob Marley

Have Jamaicans really become so stupid?

Has the country that gave the world Marcus Garvey, Dutty Boukman, Leonard Percival Howell and the Maroons of Jamaica really gotten so dumb over the years? Buju Banton’s first concert after his release from prison […]


Chronixx & ZincFence on Tiny Desk Show

For those not in the know….Chronixx Jamar McNaughton (born 10 October 1992),[2] popularly known as Chronixx, is a Jamaican reggae artist. His stage name replaced the name “Little Chronicle” which he was given because of his […]