Amazon’s massive 4th of July sale includes Reggae Gold 2020 CD.

Amazon has Reggae Gold 2020 on sales this 4th of July weekend.
Amazon has Reggae Gold 2020 on sales this 4th of July weekend.

Let’s face it, love or hate Amazon, when it comes to holiday deals, they rule and this 4th of July is no difference.

Well, actually this 4th of July is a little difference in that Amazon if offering Reggae Music as part of its holiday deals. Along with TVs and beauty needs, Amazon is offering the Reggae Gold 2020 CD at a steep discount.

Reggae Gold 2020 which was priced at $14.99 is only $9.98 through the holiday weekend.

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Reggae Gold 2020 is not only a compilation of the hottest reggae songs of the year but this year the songs actually tell the stores that has highlight the year so far. From marijuana legalization / decriminalization, coronavirus / covid-19, murder of George Floyd to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, it is all recorded on Reggae Gold 2020.



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