Jamaica’s marijuana farmers would be wealthy if their leaders were not so stupid.

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Jamaican Marijuana is the best
Jamaican Marijuana is the best

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, that country has faced a serious problem, a severe shortage of the plant. Meanwhile in Jamaica, there is an abundance of marijuana but that country is also facing a serious problem, stupid leadership.

Marijuana shortages have plagued Canada since recreational marijuana was legalized in October of 2018. In response, Quebec’s government-controlled stores have closed three days a week, Alberta has temporarily stopped issuing retail licenses and Ontario has said it will initially open just 25 stores across Canada’s most populous province.

If Jamaica had prudent leadership they would have been able to be the solution to Canada’s problem by supplying marijuana to Canadian weed companies which would enrich the Jamaican marijuana farmers and improve the Jamaican economy. However, while Canada was pushing full speed ahead, the Jamaican government was pussyfooting around and choosing to decriminalize marijuana instead.

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Not only would Jamaican marijuana, if it was legalized, solve Canada’s problems but it would most likely outsell the weed that was farmed in Canada. Because of reggae music, Rasta and reggae greats like Peter Tosh and Bob Marley; Jamaican marijuana is top notch brand above all other marijuana around the world.

Canada’s marijuana shortage could continue for years and even then Jamaica might not be ready to capitalize off the shortage. This situation could continue for as long as three years, said Chuck Rifici, chief executive officer of Toronto-based Auxly Cannabis Group Inc.

Greg Engel, CEO of Organigram Holdings Inc., predicted it will be “a couple years” before the supply shortages are solved, while Everett Knight, executive vice president for strategy and investments at Valens Groworks Corp., said it will take two to three years.
“It’s harder to grow cannabis than most people think,” Knight said, adding that producers tend to underestimate how many plants they’ll lose to problems like mold.

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Jamaica might be ready to export marijuana to Canada in three years but by that time it will also be legalized in the United States. Canadian companies might then find it more cost effective to get their supplies from the United States over Jamaica.

If that ends up being the case, once again, Jamaican leadership would have proven that they do not possess the intelligence to do right by the Jamaican people.



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