Marley brothers are now Marijuana brothers
Crime and Punisment

The Criminalization Of Marijuana.

Historically, one of the most effective methods ever used by the ‘Ruling Class’ to marginalize and control particular groups of people, is the practice of demonizing and/or criminalizing their customs. In democratic societies, the government […]

Marijuana over alcohol
Bob Marley

The destruction of Marijuana has started.

Marijuana was once a niche industry and its users were considered criminals, unless they were in Amsterdam. Now in the United States weed is becoming more popular than ice cream and apple pie combined. It […]

Police with marijuana

3 Reasons to legalize marijuana.

The marijuana industry is growing at a rapid rate and any serious investor who is not at least doing his or her research about investing in the marijuana industry could be missing out on the […]

Mike Pence wants to hang all gays
donald trump

Vice President Pence wants to hang all gays.

The only thing that could be worse for homosexuals than a Trump presidency is if Trump the bigot was impeached and the even bigger bigot, Mike Pence, became president. It was never a secret that […]

Marijuana to be decriminalized in atlanta

Marijuana will be decriminalized in Atlanta soon.

In about a week or so, marijuana could be decriminalized in Atlanta. The Atlanta City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that decriminalized an ounce or less of marijuana, making it a ticketable offense. The ordinance […]

Marijuana and Money

The best marijuana investment tips.

Investing in marijuana can be like buying a ticket at the racetrack. It’s very difficult to identify who is going to be the next big grower, the next big medical producer, or the next company […]