Mike Pence wants to hang all gays
donald trump

Vice President Pence wants to hang all gays.

The only thing that could be worse for homosexuals than a Trump presidency is if Trump the bigot was impeached and the even bigger bigot, Mike Pence, became president. It was never a secret that […]

Marijuana to be decriminalized in atlanta

Marijuana will be decriminalized in Atlanta soon.

In about a week or so, marijuana could be decriminalized in Atlanta. The Atlanta City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that decriminalized an ounce or less of marijuana, making it a ticketable offense. The ordinance […]

Marijuana and Money

The best marijuana investment tips.

Investing in marijuana can be like buying a ticket at the racetrack. It’s very difficult to identify who is going to be the next big grower, the next big medical producer, or the next company […]

How Marijuana affects the brain

6 States to Legalize Marijuana in 2018.

Even though evil men like Donald Trump and his Attorney general Jeff Sessions are against the use of recreational marijuana, the voices of the people are being heard loud and clear.  State leaders are defying […]

Medical Marijuana

10 Facts about Medical Marijuana Genetics.

We sat down with John Green, one of the founders of new seed bank Medical Marijuana Genetics to discuss how their ground-breaking High-CBD strains came into existence. 1. How was Medical Marijuana Genetics born? When treating […]

Cannabis Cup

13 Reasons to use Cannabis.

Cannabis has numerous benefits including medicinal uses.  Below are 13 reasons to use Cannabis. 1. You can use cannabis to help you lose weight. Many people with eating disorders use marijuana to help regulate their […]