Facebook is protecting Jewish hatred and violence towards Blacks.

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Blacks in Israel
Blacks in Israel

On Friday someone sent us a video of a vile and disgusting Jewish man vomiting on a black woman before hitting her in the head with what appears to be a bottle. The sender alerted us that CNN, Fox, CNBC, and all the other major networks were refusing to carry the story and the man who committed the evil act was still at large. We decided to share the video on our Facebook and Instagram platforms in order to expose the man and hopefully someone would identify him to the authorities.

In less than a day Facebook deleted the video with absolutely no explanation for doing so. The video did not violate any of their terms of service or community standards. In fact, the video was helping to build an accurate story of the video. For example, the sender said the incident happened in Israel but because of comments on the video, we learned that it actually took place in Belgium.

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The only reason we can think of why Facebook would delete the video is to hide the fact that some Jewish people have a lot of hatred towards non-Jews.

We added the video again after Facebook deleted it but we believe it is only a matter of time before they will delete it again. However, we will not stop sharing it until we hear that the perpetrator has been arrested for his vile actions.

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A Jewish group has mobilized their members to give our Facebook page negative ratings but that is something we can live with if it helps to expose the man in the video.



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