More Jamaican young men are turning to the gun while young women turn to farming.

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Young Jamaican female Jamaica
Young Jamaican female Jamaica

Violent gun crimes are rampant in Jamaica and according to the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), in most cases the perpetrators are young men. While increasingly more young men are turning to the gun, young women are playing a pivotal role in the island’s farming and agriculture sector.

According to The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), men still make up most farmers in the older age groups, however, in the younger cohorts that dynamic shifts drastically. In fact, of all farmers 35 years old and younger, women make up 54% of that demographic.

Below is Keisha FW’s take on what is taking place in Jamaica today.

Woman always work hard so it is not a surprise no matter what Field they are in etc. However, what we are seeing and experiencing now is that these generations of young men do not like to work. They are not interested in getting them hands dirty from a hard day’s work. Young men today do not like to be told what is right or wrong because they think they know it all already. Also, because of the elevated levels of narcissist in these barbaric generations, we are finding that the woman is playing the role of both male and female, and it is not just now, it has been happening for a long time.

All what these barbaric generations of us are doing is destroying everything they see and touch. This includes murder, massacre, and have the strength to turn on their own, even close family members.

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