Tony Matterhorn threatens to kill Gully Bop.

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Tony Matterhorn
Tony Matterhorn

Just days after arriving in the United States of America on his newly acquired visa, dancehall artiste Gully Bop is already stirring up controversy. This time with fiery selector Tony Matterhorn.

In a video posted online recently, MC Nuffy asked Gully Bop what was the matter with Tony Matterhorn, to which Gully Bop responded, “him come a foreign a make man rub down him belly like jelly … Me see it pon Facebook, it nah hide. It deh pon the Internet.”

Egged on further by Nuffy, Gully Bop also added, “The one Matterhorn batty gone.” Nuffy followed with, “Matterhorn yuh dead.”

That video seemed to be in reference to a photo that surfaced online some weeks ago with Matterhorn posing with two persons. As the photo circulated, there were also some persons alleging that the two fans were in fact men dressed as women.

However, the recent video from Gully Bop and MC Nuffy did not go down well with Tony Matterhorn, who is known as the “talk your mind after dark” clan leader.

In several scathing posts on Instagram on Monday night, Matterhorn blasted both Nuffy and Gully Bop, accusing them of partaking in crude acts. Not even Shauna Chin, Gully Bop’s fiancée, was spared his wrath.

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“Battyboy Nuffy weh run wey from Portmore, ugly Gully Bop whe fuck all dog inna the gully and you fuck out wife Chin, unuh caan style me as battyboy. Me a real gyalis. Me fuck more pussy dan unuh can get inna unuh life,” he said in the post.

But that wasn’t enough, spurred on by his loyal fans, Matterhorn continued posting more videos insulting the trio.

“Unuh a come try style me, me nuh run batty joke wid nobody. Anytime unuh see me, mek sure unuh have it. That’s all me haffi say. Unuh a look hype pon Facebook, make sure unuh have it.” Online fans have taken that statement to mean that Gully Bop and Nuffy better have their guns to protect themselves when they run into Tony Matterhorn.

He later posted that he had been maintaining his cool because of his kids, but that enough was enough.

“You know wha, fuck the kids. Unuh been a draw me out, me draw out now. So anytime unuh see me, mek sure unuh have unuh gun. It simple, nuh argument nuh inna it. So me a tell unuh from now, anytime unuh see me, expect anything,” Matterhorn added.

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He also advised his fans to tell his children that he loves them because of what was to come.

“Me must kill one a dem pussy deh, a swear to God. Make God help me, but I rather dead inna shoot-out than turn a battyman.”

When contacted, Gully Bop told 18 Karat Reggae that he was unconcerned with the threats made by Tony Matterhorn.

“Everything weh me do on tour always a record. Nobody nuh business wid him (Matterhorn). Across the world is only the cigarette people know ’bout. Him just get up and a run with it! Furthermore, if is a competition to see who have more man, me sure know Matterhorn beat Chin. Me a smoke me cigarette and relax miself, me nuh want no man come tek me on. Me hear him a disrespect mi wife on the Internet, but make him know him have to go apologise to Miss Shauna Chin too.”

According to Keona Williams, Gully Bop’s manager, the artiste is renowned for his humor and intends no harm.

“He is from humble beginnings and does not discriminate,” she said.



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  1. All of these are nonsence gully bop shouldnt be taking on by no one listen to him thats how he get his vybzs the bible say who knows better do better

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