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Editor In Chief: Gregory Larson is the cofounder of 18 Karat Reggae and also serves as the editor in chief for the website.


Cassius Hendricks – Cassius covers all the latest happening in dancehall as it relates to the artistes. Cassius has been a fan of dancehall since he was a kid growing up in Jamaica and knows all the ins and outs of the music.

Regina James – Regina has been working in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. She has covered all the major reggae festivals such as Reggae Sumfest, Reggae on the River, St. Mary mi come from, Rebel Salute and the now defunct Sting.

Boom Viniyard – Boom Viniyard is not only a writer on what is happening in reggae music but he himself is a reggae artiste. Viniyard have hit songs such as Thank you Jah, Stolen Legacy and You don’t have to be in his expansive catalog.

Henry Bookman – Henry is always in the streets in Jamaica reporting on what is happening in dancehall as it happens. He frequents Uptown Mondays and Maroon Town madness dancehall sessions.

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  1. Re the Kaci “embarrassment” if you wrote the article…. how ironic that a website devoted to music and the Rastafarian culture feels that the main ambassador of that genre is not important enough to be mentioned as a great contributor from Jamaica to the world…..ooh…. and on your important political points never forget ever…. that Jamaica was one of the first if not the first countryt o bawl out against apartheid…. in the struggle against racism. We’re all welcome to our opinions of course.

  2. hello im siervo outta spain i have a videoclip recorded in jamaica tivoli gardens..i want ask you if you can publish it in the web..the name of the tune its state of emergency

  3. Pleasssssse stop attacking Jamaican women. The issues of bleaching and who many celebrities choose to have on their arm have the same root, self hatred. Hundreds of years of European colonization and domination ultimately has irreversible damage on the enslaved. So, next time we attack…let’s attack the people who enforced these beliefs on the African slaves.

  4. How do persons get in touch with the admin? This article uses Kabakas image in a slandering way and needs to be removed. He is also not mentioned anywhere in the article.

    Kabaka has no history of treating Africa or African promotors badly.

  5. I concur with the previous post stating that this site is TERRIBLE!! Very biased and peremptory articles written in poor English. Your site is no way the leader in Reggae news!!! Who do you think you are?? First and last time I read your miserable, predujiced articles!

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