Do you want a hug and a Bible? Kill an innocent Black man.

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Free hugs for killing an innocent Black man
Free hugs for killing an innocent Black man

What’s the reward for walking into the apartment of a young Black man who is sitting in his couch having a bowl of ice cream, pulling your government issued gun and piercing that young man’s heart with a bullet? If you are white the reward could be a hug from the brother of the man you murdered and a bible from the Black judge who oversaw your murder case. It is almost like being taken to Burger King by the police so they can get you a double whopper, strawberry milkshake and French fries just hours after you murdered nine Black Christians in their place of worship.

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Sadly, that is the state of Black and white relationship in the world today. Whites are rejoicing to know the chains of Christianity are still as strong as when the religion was first brought to the African continent. Meanwhile Blacks are so into showing how compassionate, forgiving and Christ like they are; they are forgetting that they too deserve justice.



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  1. DONT use CHRISTIANITY as an EXCUSE to CURSE the COONS in that MURDERER Amber Guygers TRIAL! Those Niggas who ‘FORGAVE’ her used CHRISTIANITY to cover up their COWARDICE and their SAMBO BOOTLICKING Behaviour Towards WHITES!

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