Jamaican women say that white women could have their Black men.

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Black men love white women
Black men love white women

Earlier this week when a Facebook group that calls itself “White women seeking Black men” made the announcement that they were setting their sights on Jamaican men, many thought Jamaican women would be worried that their men might get taken away. On the contrary, however, most Jamaican women say they could care less about white women going after their men.

“I have no problem with that, love has no color. We’re all mixed no matter how others may look at it. We’re all God’s children.
Freedom of choice,” one Facebook user said.

Some Jamaican woman are even encouraging the white women who are seeking Black men to come and take the Jamaican men off their hands.

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“They are welcome to them and all the problems that comes with being involved them,” another Facebook user posted.

The white women seeking Black men group is using lyric videos of dancehall and Reggae Music to teach their members how to speak the Jamaican dialect and get a better understanding of the Jamaican culture so that the women will be better prepared to attract a Jamaican man.

This is the first video they have created in their series.

18 Karat Reggae reached out to Moni-Q Muziq who along with Diligent CityBoss are the singers on the song Maneeza being used in the video by the group and ask how she felt about her song being used to teach white women how to get Jamaican men. She had no problem with it and said she was all about breaking down all barriers whether it is racial, religious or other.

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“I don’t have an issue with them using my song. Love is lovely. So if they think my song can help lead them to love then I love that,” Moni-Q said.



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