Trinidad Police apologizes to Buju Banton.

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Buju Banton and the head of the Trinidad Police Department.
Buju Banton and the head of the Trinidad Police Department.

After bombarding the hotel room of Buju Banton, the Trinidadian police are now apologizing to the Jamaican for what they say was a big misunderstanding.

Buju Banton issued the following statement to his fans on social media.

“After viral posting, the Trinidadian Commissioner of Police and Representative of the Jamaican consulate paid me a visit to issue an apology on behalf of the Trinidadian Police Department. I will not let this issue affect my love for the Trinidadian people or me as I move forward to have a wonderful night tomorrow. Trini we’re still on track love to my Trini family.”

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Earlier Buju Banton issued a video alerting his fans of numerous police officers who came to his hotel room and executed a search warrant. While it is not exactly clear what triggered the warrant in the first place, many fans including Nicki Minaj believe that the main driver was because of the 420 marijuana celebration taking place around the world and the fact that Buju Banton is a Rasta.

The search has opened old wounds of an ongoing feud between Jamaicans and Trinidadians. Jamaicans felt like they are always disrespected while in Trinidad and the Buju Banton’s incident is just more proof of that.

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Buju Banton was released from an American prison in December of last year after serving a ten year sentence on drug charges. He is scheduled to perform in Trinidad before continuing on to Barbados as part of his Long Walk to Freedom tour.



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