Woman hasn’t had sex with her Jamaican husband in over 15 years.

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interracial couple
interracial couple

Susan says when she met her husband, Marvin, in Montego Bay, Jamaica back in 2001 it was a dream come true, or so she thought. She was vacationing on the island during the 9/11 attack on New York City and had to stay longer than planned because all flight were grounded.

Marvin was by her side during the ordeal and made her involuntary overstay in Jamaica a happy and enjoyable one. Once she got back to the states they stayed in contact via the phone and within six months she was back on the island marrying Marvin.

By 2003, Marvin left Jamaica to live with Susan after she filed for him to come to the states Initially things were great with the couple and they both agree that the early years were a lot of fun.

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“I loved him, and I wanted to be in his life, that’s why I married him,” Susan says.

The joy did not last, however, less than a year after arriving in the states, Marvin announced that he didn’t love her and did not want to love her.

“I just didn’t understand what I could have possibly done. That was the first time that I asked him to leave our home. I was devastated. It’s, like, I’m not Miss America, but I am not a dog, either” Susan said.

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Marvin did not leave her house and she did not file for divorce as she fear she might have to give him monetary house, especially since they bought a couple rental properties after that had already been married.

She feels like she is stuck in a sexless marriage where they sleep in separate bedrooms and to make matters work, Marvin works but does not contribute to any of the bills around the house.



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