Jamaicans were in darkness and obscurity until a white man showed them the light.

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Andrew Holness and Edward Seaga
Andrew Holness and Edward Seaga

The culture that Jamaicans are so proud of today, was once a culture in darkness and obscurity until a white man lift the culture from the cave ages. At least that is what the prime minister of Jamaica is telling the people.

If the honorable Michael Holness is to be believed, then Jamaica’s late former prime minister, Edward Seaga, is the one who rescued Jamaican culture and brought it to light.

“Mr. Seaga Seaga introduced Jamaicans to our own culture, bringing it out of the dark and obscure, into the light of mainstream… giving us a definition of who we are,” Andrew Holness posted on Instagram.

Either prime minister Holness’ self esteem is as low as the Jamaican skin bleachers or he is the duncest prime minister not only in the history of Jamaica but in the entire world. How can someone be introduced to something they already knew? Or maybe Mr. Holness meant reintroduced but Jamaicans never lost, abandoned nor turn their backs on their culture, so Seaga did not reintroduce it either.

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What Holness displayed in his ridiculous statement is a problem with not just many Jamaicans but with most Black people in general. Many Blacks feel that unless something is validated by someone white then it is just not valid. So because Seaga who is caucasion, meddled in Jamaican Music for his own financial gains, this somehow gave validity to the music and took it out of darkness and obscurity. As Jamaicans would say “If Andrew Holness stupid one more time.”

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When Marcus Garvey taught Black people to see beauty in themselves and stop bleaching their skin to look like what they are not, that was reintroducing people to their culture. When Leonard Percival Howell (The Gong), the founder of the Rasta Movement, told Black people to burn the King James Bible and read the Holy Piby, that was reintroducing people to their culture. Seaga did nothing that could be considered introducing Jamaicans to their own culture.

What Andrew Holness said was stupid and disrespectful to the people of Jamaica. He should resign immediately.



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