Jamaicans are nasty, according to The Jamaica Observer.

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The Jamaica Observer claims Jamaicans are nasty
The Jamaica Observer claims Jamaicans are nasty

The Jamaica Observer says, “Jamaicans must stop being nasty and clean up their act.”

Butch Stewart and his uptown aristocrats have found yet another way to disrespect, demean and disparage the poor people of Jamaica. It is not enough that the clowns have used their media propaganda to chain and enslaved the minds of Jamaicans and their all-inclusive hotels to enslave the bodies of Jamaicans but now they are referring to the Jamaican people as being too nasty.

It would be bad if it was just a specific writer or group of writers over at the Observer who were stating their opinions but the paper made it clear that they are “ in complete agreement” with the derogatory sentiment that Jamaicans are nasty.

“Quite apart from aesthetics in a country dependent on tourism and which prides itself on its natural beauty, Jamaicans should know first-hand about the dangers of littering and the otherwise careless disposal of garbage,” the Jamaica Observer printed.

The buffoons at the Jamaica Observer were actually piggybacking on the statements of another uptown buffoon, Audley Gordon, executive director of the National Solid Waste Management Authority. Mr. Gordon blames the blockage of drains and uncollected garbage on the poor people who live in West Kingston and other “ghetto” areas. Of course Butch Stewart who has made billions off tourism was more than happy to run with the false narrative and unleash his scribes and Pharisees to shed the average Jamaican people in the most negative light possible.

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What these uptown buffoons don’t realize is that uptown is not clean because uptown people are cleaner than downtown people, it is clean because the government does a good job of collecting trash in the uptown neighborhoods. So the question should be asked, why isn’t trash being collected in the places that is considered “ghetto” the same way it in the more “affluent” neighborhoods?

It is not enough that Butch Stewart and his cronies at the Jamaican Observer have made billions off the blood, sweat and tears of average Jamaican but now they are trying to say it is the nastiness of Jamaicans that is preventing them from making even more money. Why don’t they use some of the profits they gain from the slave labor at their hotels to clean up Jamaica? Or is that money only used to ship guns into the country in order to keep crime and violence at super high rates so tourist won’t dear leave the confines of your all-inclusive hotels to go out and spend their money with average Jamaicans?

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Right now, if you drive through Cherry Gardens, the place is so clean you could eat off the ground. So are the people who live in Cherry Gardens cleaner than those who venture on Port Henderson Road in St Catherine? No they are not but in the eyes of the Jamaican Government, they are more important.

The Jamaica Observer needs to get one thing clear; we average Jamaicans are poor but we are not dirty and we are definitely not nasty.



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  1. Just take a look at the Highway between from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios—Immediately AFTER they cut the Grass, and before they Pickup the Garbage !!!—Damn Nastiness !!

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  1. Jamaicans agree that uptown people are cleaner than downtown people.

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