Barack Obama spat in Jamaicans faces and they took it with a smile.

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Jamaicans are so high on hype and so low on substance, that when the president of the United States, Barack Obama, spat in their faces they smiled and cheered. They did not even attempt to remove the saliva from their faces. Instead they are right now hoping and waiting that Obama might in the near future return to the island to urinate and defecate on them.

Obama landed in Jamaica and visited the Bob Marley museum, yet he could not find time to visit Liberty Hall to pay tribute to the great Marcus Garvey. That was just utter disrespect and goes right to the heart of hype over substance. It also goes back to when Miss Jamaica, Kaci Fennell, was asked about Jamaica’s biggest contribution to the world, to which she responded that it was Bob Marley and Usain Bolt. Back then, most Jamaicans also cheered her on for her sheer stupidity. It is no wonder why most Blacks in Jamaica live in poverty while most other ethnicities are in great financial shape.

The good thing is there is no escaping Marcus Garvey. As soon as Obama walked into the Bob Marley museum, the song that played was the Marcus Garvey “One Love” slogan put to music by Bob Marley.

So why was Obama not interested in visiting the Marcus Garvey museum? Why wouldn’t Jamaicans be interested in seeing Obama paying respect to Marcus Garvey? If he could get to 56 Hope Road then what prevented him from going to 76 King Street? When we talk about Marcus Garvey, we are talking about the most important civil rights leader in history. We are talking about the man who inspired Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela and many other civil rights leaders. We are talking about the very man who made it possible for Barack Obama to become President of the United States.

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Marcus Garvey’s message, while it was absolutely what Black people needed in Garvey’s time would not be a perfect message today, and that is the reason why they continue to disrespect Marcus Garvey. People need to understand that as time changes people change, and, most likely, Marcus Garvey and his teachings would have adapted to the changing times. Marcus Garvey’s teachings, like below, is what bothers Barack Obama and why he never gave the Jamaican National Hero is due respect while on the island:

I shall teach the black man to see beauty in his own kind and stop bleaching his skin and otherwise looking like what he’s not. Back in the days of slavery, Race mixture, Race miscegenation all occurred BECAUSE THE AFRICAN WOMAN HAD NO PROTECTION FROM THE SLAVEMASTER. Therefore there is no need today for black people themselves to freely continue a PRACTICE that SMACKS so much of slavery. – Marcus Garvey

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Let’s face it, if Black people around the world had followed those teachings, there would be no Barack Obama and there would be no Bob Marley. Most people today would totally disagree with those teachings. In fact, unless you are a member of the Bobo Shanti Rasta sect, extremely pro-Black, extremely pro-White or extremely pro whatever your ethnicity is, you would probably not agree to those teachings. We cannot continue to hold that against Marcus Garvey however. We have to recognize and understand the time during which he made those speeches.

So for Barack to come to Jamaica and not visit the Marcus Garvey museum was the utmost disrespect. For Jamaicans not to see a problem with that is simply pathetic.



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  1. This is by far the dumbest article yet on the Obama visit to Jamaica. For the author to say Jamaicans got spat in the face simply because the president didn’t visit Marcus Garvey’s sites is utterly dumb. Remember though Marcus is a hero in Jamaica, by books, he is a criminal in the US. Even if the president wanted to visit him, he couldn’t because of the backlash it could cause to him and his party.

    Also, the visit was 24hrs not 24 days. If anyone spat in Jamaica’s face, it is the author of this crap.

    • And this has got to be the stupidest comment in history. Marcus Garvey is a hero all over the world. Go google what other civil rights leaders have to say about him.

      • Just shut the hell up …who are you and why are you …What did you all expect in 24 hours …he did not have to come to Jamaica period ….He owes Jamaica NOTHING! Just shut up … I know you want people to talk about you and your page, but try something else …GTHOH

        • Well, this is quite the angry post. Both you and the author should realize that you get farther with honey than with lime. I do think this post is rather short sighted, but he is just one contributor on this website. And at the end of the day he has a right to his opinion, as do you. Try not to get so angry at trivial things like this.

    • Music, don’t be silly, what back lash what, the USA today does business with mass murders, in the past they did, it will never stop. President Barak Obama shook hands with Muammar Gadaffi, he was considered a vicious terrorist, killed people etc. You want to tell me that a man like Hon. Marcus Garvey, did not deserve a visit from the President of the USA, who did Marcus Garvey kill????? Music, you sound silly fam. The USA is still shaking hands with killers, they are still praising their killers who were and are still in high office. Marcus Garvey travelled the Americas, and fought for the equal rights and justice for the so call black people in the diaspora, showed black people in the USA during the 20’s how to regain their knowledge of self reliance, stressed on education in all aspects, mostly commerce for their community, he showed them how to establish business and maintain it, the largest organisation among black people ever, spanning 3 major Countries, England, USA & Canada (i am subject to correction) the largest following ever outside of Africa among black people (I am subject to correction). Barak Obama studied Marcus Garvey, he knows the true story, he knows that the Hon. Marcus Garvey sacrifices his life of glamour for the well being of all black people, period, have you not listened to any of his lectures?????? 24 hours??????? BS MUSIC, you are going to the country of 2 of the most celebrated black persons on earth, and would not visit the Hon. Marcus Garvey, a man who helped to pave the way for you. When Obama goes to Israel or any of those Countries that have Jewish monuments, he visits them, if the Israeli PM come s to the States, the Presidents, all of them, visit the monuments, why could he not visit the Hon. Marcus Garvey ?????? Please don’t tell $%^& about back lash, please.

      Pardon any typos, you get where i am coming from.

  2. I have to disagree with this entire article. One, the President of the United States is a busy man. I’m positive if he visited Liberty Hall in lieu of the Bob Marley museum this post would look a lot different. Two, while I too recognize the importance of Marcus Garvey, I do not think it is fair to down play the importance of Bob Marley. While Marcus Garvey’s message was limited to black people, Bob Marley took Jamaican music and culture worldwide. He too was inspired by Marcus Garvey, yet he took Marcus Garvey’s words places Marcus Garvey did not take them. While Marcus Garvey is Jamaica’s first national hero and has contributed greatly to the uplift of black people everywhere, Bob Marley contributed to the uplift of PEOPLE everywhere, and is the reason Jamaica is known worldwide. Bob Marley catapulted Jamaica into the worldwide consciousness and took reggae music with him. To say that because he was a musician that he is of less importance to Jamaica when in fact he is just of less importance to you is not ok. One could make the case that while to black people Marcus Garvey is of more significance, to Jamaica as a nation, Bob Marley is the greater of the two. Both men need to be honored for their contributions to humanity as both did great work in their short life spans. So to say that the President of the United States (in other words a non Jamaican) disrespected Jamaicans by visiting the museum honoring the person who took Jamaican Culture to the far reaching Corners of the globe makes no sense. In fact, without Bob Marley no one but Jamaicans would visit this website; because, if it wasn’t for Bob Marley, reggae would not even be so popular worldwide. In other words, without Bob Marley, you could not even be writing this article and have it reach the audiences it is going to reach. Considering when people think Jamaica, they think Bob Marley before anything else, it is only logical that a non Jamaican would go to the Bob Marley Museum before going to Liberty Hall to honor the honorable Marcus Garvey.

  3. As the host, Jamaica is responsible (with approval) for the planned route and schedule of events during his visit, that includes cultural and historic sites. So as wrong as it may seem, he is not to blame. If you wish to pull a gripe, your conflict is with the planners and THEIR perception of foreign interest.

    • Hmmm… interesting. You don’t think he told them where he wanted to go while he was on the island?

      • I highly doubt it. They go on many of these trips, the hosts are the ones that plan the visits to national landmarks. The only time the president (or his people) get involved is avoiding or encouraging a location that would cause an international stir.

  4. I am always amazed that we cannot take good things when they happen and just accept them for what they are. As a Jamaican, I have no problem with Kaci Fennell answers or President Obama’s visit. Yes, he could have visited Marcus Garvey site too but Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey are among two of our greatest icons and treasures, so either one can be sighted by any Jamaican with pride or visited by dignitaries. This is just much ado about nothing. I mean, Jamaica is also known for some of the best Ganja in the world so should the President have visited some growing fields? Our likle island is known for it’s hospitable, loving and diverse population, so lets celebrate it instead of quarrelling about it. “One Love,” everybody!

    • Speaking of ganja… Yes, it would have been nice if he visited a ganja farm and smoke a big head spliff

  5. Everyone in life have their own personal reasons to do things that satisfies their journey and experiences in life and as long as life lasts for that person the freedom to choose where to start and finish should be respected. Personally I respect OBAMA for coming to show that he has great respect for JAMAICA and i know he respects the honorable MARCUS GARVEY, but i guess there was a personal satisfaction he achieved from visiting the honorable BOB MARLEY. I think Obama seeing these comments OBAMA is going to make a special visit to pay his respects to our honorable MARCUS MOSIAH GARVEY and hope that we accept him with LOVE AND OPEN ARMS! !!!

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