Why Jamaica should choose China over the United States.

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Jamaica and China
Jamaica and China

As China and the United States compete to stamp their interest in Jamaica with their investment dollars, it is Jamaica who must make the decision on what is best for the Jamaican people.

The below argument was contributed by Christopher Lynn and he lays out why China might be better for Jamaica and the Jamaican people.

History should be a good teacher in this case. Has American foreign policy worked as a stabilizing agent for Jamaica? Quite the contrary, America has been a destabilizing force in Jamaica since the Ronald Reagan presidency.

Has America enabled Jamaica to keep the talent on the Island to help shape the future of the country with continuous decades of brain drain? In the late 70s and into the 80s, as the guns from America rolled into Jamaica, the talent from the island rolled into America. This was not by accident or coincidence but rather by design.

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Jamaica needs to re-prioritize with business partners to open the opportunities needed to bring those builders and leaders back. Invite that opportunity for those that split for money to come back and reinvest that phenomenal spirit, education and experience back into Jamaica with ideas and developments (social, engineering, sciences) that make sense for the island.

If examining from a 50000 ft. view, China produces literally everything and has trade and distribution channels to practically everywhere on the planet. The United States is up to its eyeballs in debt, pissed off practically everyone on the planet and is printing money hand over fist to keep something unsustainable barely functional.

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If you found yourself needing some assistance and you had two older brothers whom you could contact for help; you find out that one of your brother owes your other brother a large sum of money; which brother would you go to for help? The one that owes the money or the one that is owed the money?



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  1. This is quite the argument. But I have a few questions. One why can’t Jamaica take both countries investment dollars? Two even if they have to choose, why can’t they lay out some parameters in the bargain? Recognizing that the country does have worth and that the country Jamaica does business with stands to gain something means that Jamaica has power at the bargaining table. This article makes it seem as though the country is picking between the lesser of two evils just because those countries have more money, when in fact investment implies that these countries stand to be making money in the future off of Jamaica. And it isn’t like America is totally to blame for all of Jamaica’s ills. Like many countries worldwide, the government does not stand up for the education and uplift of its people the way it should. America is the same, but China is worse than both Jamaica and America in that respect. I’m just as biased as anyone, but I’m thinking team America. Besides, most of the U.S. Debt is actually owed to it’s citizens in the form of bonds. Most people don’t know that. So in actuality regular citizens invest in America and then they get payed back with interest in the future. Also, America does not over print money. In fact, countries with over inflation like Jamaica, suffer from that because the economy keeps growing and growing and, unlike the US which has people in charge of the money policy to keep the economy in check, those countries don’t have built in stabilizers and people who are economic experts who react when the economy is in a downturn or, in fact doing to well for it’s own good. If countries with insane inflation do have people who are in charge of the money policy then they are doing a horrible job.

  2. There was a time in history when Germany were burnin their money because it had no value…America is heading for a downfall and like it or not ..the dollar is rapidly loosing it’s value due to excessive printing..Do some research..The truth is not far away

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