Buju Banton warned not to perform “Boom Bye Bye” in the Bahamas.

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Buju Banton for the Bahamas
Buju Banton for the Bahamas

Bahamian LGBTQ activist Erin Greene has issued a stern warning to Buju Banton that the song Boom bye bye should not be a part of the reggae legend’s set while performing in the Bahamas.

Gay activist Erin Greene told various news outlets that Buju Banton is welcome to the Bahamas with open arms as long as the singer does not perform the controversial song Boom bye bye that was recorded over 25 years ago while in the country and it is not played at his concert.

Greene claims that her comments have resulted in her receiving numerous hate mails and threats from fans of Buju Banton. She also made it clear that Buju’s team has contacted her and let her know that they do not support any of the hate messages that she is receiving.

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“Buju Banton’s legal team, after they become aware of the public sentiment, reached out to me to indicate they are not comfortable with the level of vitriol in the discourse and they had no intention and have no intention of being the cause of such conflict or vitriol and what they are concerned about most is all Bahamians get to enjoy this concert safely and all Bahamians are safe when Buju is here performing,” Greene said.

Greene said she felt happy that Buju Banton’s team was doing the right thing although they did not discuss whether or not Buju Banton would be performing Boom Bye bye at his concert.

“I need to confirm with them what their intentions are on that,” she said, “and I think it’s best they state what their intentions are but I feel comfortable that their intentions are to ensure that all Bahamians enjoy the concert and those who don’t want to go can enjoy themselves knowing that they have a life free of violence.”

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The homosexual community has long deemed that the song Boom bye bye is very anti-homosexual and promotes violence against gays and homosexuals.

Buju Banton was released from an American prison in December after serving 9 years on drug related charges.

The Reggae Grammy Award winner is scheduled to begin his Long Walk to Freedom tour in Jamaican on March 16th. The tour will then make stops in Barbados, The Bahamas, Trinidad and St. Kitts.



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