Women use sex as a weapon.

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Brooke Burke
Brooke Burke

If a man forgets to get his lady a gift for Valentine’s day, her birthday, their anniversary or any date the woman considers important and worthy of a gift; he will probably be in the dog house and will have a difficult time getting any sex for the next few days. Why? Because a lot of women still use sex as a weapon to get back at men. I can’t count the amount of times I heard women say “if he doesn’t do such and such, he is not getting any sex”.

Are women ever justified for using sex as a weapon? In some cases maybe but definitely not i the case of a man forgetting to buy a gift. If the man is cheating, then yes, send him back to the woman he was cheating with, that’s fair enough. But sometimes a woman punishes her man and the punishment does not even fit the crime. For example, if it’s a man’s turn to cook, but he did not, maybe he got caught up watching football, the woman have all right to be mad but withholding sex as a punishment should not even be thought of. A fair punishment would be for the woman to not cook when her turn to cook comes around again. I mean, what does food have to do with sex? (If you are a Bow Cat, no answer for that question is required). Seriously though ladies, use your power but don’t abuse it. Furthermore the tactics you used with your boyfriend when you were younger should not be carried forward to your husband or man now that you are more mature. Let girls be girls and women be women.

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Forgetting a birthday or an anniversary is the same thing. If your husband or man forgets your birthday then return the favor when his birthday comes around. Don’t punish him when he comes to bed that night.



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