Which Caribbean Island has the hottest girls?

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Caribbean girl
Caribbean girl

Have you ever been to the West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn, New York? What about Caribana in Canada? Or Maybe the Miami Carnival? Or even the Trinidadian carnival. If you have been to any of of those mentioned, your eyes have surely been blessed with some of the beauties of the world. If you have not, you owe yourself a visit.

There is nothing like feasting your eyes on thousands of Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Haitians, Bajans, Bahamians just to name a few. The Caribbean is just blessed with here fair share of beautiful females. Their is just something about Caribbean women; the way they walk, the way they talk, the way they dance, just their overall attitude, enough to drive any straight man wild.

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Though these beautiful women are from all over the Caribbean, there is just something about the Jamaican woman for me. I could be bias because I was born there, but am not being bias right now. Even when the Jamaican woman is angry and carrying on brawling, I can’t help but to love her. It’s like Buju Banton said, “Mi love yuh dimple when yuh smile but yuh cuter when you screw.”

Which Caribbean Island do you think have the hottest women?

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