The Marleys respond to Bunny Wailer being thrown out of Bob Marley museum.

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The Marleys
The Marleys

The following is in response to Bunny Wailer being assaulted and thrown out of Bob Marley Museum.


The Bob Marley Museum wishes to advise, that on September 30th 2015, the world renown establishment was honored to host the state visit of Japan’s Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe and our Prime Minister the Most Honorable Portia Simpson Miller.
As requested by the state’s security officials, at 11:15 am the Bob Marley Museum advised all patrons and staff that all tours of the property would be suspended for the remainder of the day, to facilitate a security sweep in anticipation of both Prime Ministers’ visit.

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It came to the attention of the museum staff, that two guests to the Museum, one of whom was Neville Livingston (aka Bunny Wailer), had made their way to the back of the museum and belligerently resisted the request of the security officers who asked all guests to make their way to the front of the museum as the Police force and Jamaica Defense Force were on their way to secure the property in advance. Neville Livingston has been issuing threats and acting adversely to the Marley family for many years. In this confrontation, the security guard was injured by Livingston.

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The injured guard filed a report to the Matilda’s Corner Police Station and the matter is being investigated.

Management of the Bob Marley Museum



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  1. Bunny Wailer is one angry bipolar man. He will do anything for negative attention. How dare he defame others and expect to be treated with respect. He has no love for Bob as Bob was about peace and not war. I do not understand what he thinks the Marleys owe him. It is their business how they see fit to market their father name, image etc. Anyway he knows exactly what took place at Hope Road and is only using this to project some dumb stuff he has in store. One advise to him instead of hating turn that negative energy into something positive and for heaven sake leave the Marley dem alone a nuh fi yuh pickney dem and wife. Rita big up yuh self mother an no watch de haters dem.

  2. Bunny is right to be upset with Marleys for signing with AMERICA for marijuana business,because in America, all the white folks are the ones getting rich off the marijuana trade. too bad, the marlerys are being more money driven,then what’s good for the sake of people who don’t have.

  3. Myself, Delroy Wilson, Bob Marley and Bunny Wailers all grewup on the same Street in Trench Town. We all lived on Second Street when we were kids. I recorded my first song at the age of 13. Bob and Bunny lived in the same house; they were like brothers so it is so sad to see all this BAD feelings with Bob kids and Bunny, but that’s life. Life is nothing but changes some for the better and some for the worst. I I hope they will come to some kind of understanding and live in the spirit of ONE LOVE RASTA. Now go to Youtube and type Colin ska Johnson and you can listen to many of my songs. Songs like Push Button Generation and more. Help.

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