Bunny Wailer is demanding a public apology from the Marleys.

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Bunny Wailer
Bunny Wailer

Last week, Bunny Wailer was thrown out of the Bob Marley museum, and the reggae icon is now demanding a public apology from the Marleys and the management of the Bob Marley museum at 56 Hope Road.

The Marleys have previously responded to the incident via a statement and blames Bunny Wailer for starting the altercation.

The statement went on to explain that “It came to the attention of the museum staff that two guests to the museum, one of whom was Neville Livingston (Bunny Wailer), had made their way to the back of the museum and belligerently resisted the request of the security officers who asked all guests to make their way to the front of the museum as the police and Jamaica Defense Force were on their way to secure the property in advance.”

It also closed with claims that the security guard was injured in the incident and stated that Livingston has been issuing threats to the Marley family for many years.

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However, when 18 KARAT REGGAE contacted Livingston’s manager, Maxine Stowe, she denied the museum’s claims. Although admitting that Bunny Wailer did resist the security guard, Stowe said his actions were defensive. “He was then singled out by an aggressive security guard and was attacked,” she said. “He wasn’t asked to leave the premises, he was being attacked without reason. So, of course, he resisted. But he was being attacked.”

Stowe also said Livingston was never advised of any security changes. “He did not know of any security changes,” she explained. “He was allowed on to the premises and was there taking pictures with tourists while waiting for the tour to start when he was attacked.”

She insisted that a public apology is warranted by The Marleys and the museum’s administration in addition to relieving the guard of his duties at the facility. “This situation is asking for its own resolve, a public apology,” she said. Take responsibility for the mismanagement of the visit by your administration and apologize.”

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She went on to say that “if there’s an issue with Bunny Wailer being there, then they should say it and advise security at the gate. Give notice if you don’t want him there.” Stowe also advised that Livingston reserves the right to press charges against the security guard and the museum and said that whatever injuries the security guard suffered were as a result of the whole ordeal and should not be placed solely on Bunny Wailer’s shoulder.

Recently Bunny Wailer as made scathing accusations against Rita Marley, including one that she and Chris Blackwell were involved in the death of Bob Marley.

Bunny Wailer also criticized the Marleys for signing a marijuana deal with an American company the essentially destroyed all hopes of Jamaican marijuana farmers making any money off the upcoming marijuana economy.



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  1. Bunny Wailer and the Marleys need to resolve their beef behind closed doors .. got to walk the talk#we need more love..

  2. For those who are wise, this is war of dark and light. This is not simply a personal affair,given the the persons involved..The rasta movement is full of dark souls posing as mystics,and it is not Bunny alone who is at war with such.
    Greed,cruelty,murder,corruption,materialistic,dis-respect for elders,drunkeness,drug addiction,theft,hooliganism…
    The movement needs purification and order. This is spiritual warfare and Bunny has lit the fire. Only the true and strong will survive. Bob was indeed a spiritual man,but that does not mean his family is. They shall pay… Rita is down with a stroke…. Need more? Whim were they hosting at the time? Research on him.who he truly is,who rita’s friends are…Finally,it is the end for fanatics and the illiterates within the movement. Infiltrators,lmposters,traitors…Forward Father Bunny!

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