Jamaican women angry at Popcaan over his White girlfriend.

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Some Jamaican women were fuming mad at dancehall artist Popcaan over the weekend. Popcaan posted a photo of him and his white girlfriend and that did not sit well with many Jamaican ladies. The reaction was similar to what Usain Bolt got when he had a white girlfriend.

It is strange that Jamaican women got angry at Popcaan considering the fact that Jamaica has the most skin bleaching per capita in the world. Not only is there a high rate of skin bleaching, but the wearing of European looking weaves and wigs is also extremely high. So even if Popcaan had chosen a Jamaican woman, she would probably look more European than African anyway. He could have done what Jay Z did and get a fake white woman like Beyonce but instead he chose to go with the real thing.

The actions of Usain Bolt and Popcaan should be a lesson to Black women to start being themselves, stop bleaching their skin and wearing hair weaves to like what they are not. When Black women try to look European there is no way they can compete with real Europeans. If on the other hand, they should embrace their beautiful blackness, their chocolate skin that was kissed by the sun, their full lips that drank from the river Nile, their sexy hips that can be as wide as the river Nile, then they will realize their true beauty. The Black man will then have no reason for even looking at women of other races, as he will be too busy fighting off men of other races who are drooling and craving for his woman.

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The Black women bleaching and wearing Europeans looking weaves should not let the Black man off the hook for turning their backs on Black women, however. A lot of Black men know that without the money and fame these white women would not even be looking at them. Yet as soon as they make some doe, they want to put a white girl on their elbows. It is funny, but you will always hear a Black person say, “When I make some money am moving out the ghetto.” Yet, you seldom hear a Black person say, “when I make some money, am going to make the ghetto a better place to live”.

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Still, at the end of the day love is love and no one has the right to tell any man or woman who they should love. So to the Jamaican ladies who are angry, it is understandable where you are coming from, but if Popcaan is happy with his woman, just be happy for him. Happiness is the key.



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  1. you don’t have to be happy for him. just don’t support his music or go to any of his concerts or like anything about him on social media, since it seems as black women are no longer good enough to be called a girlfriend.. it is so sad, because it is the black men who enjoy a little financial success chooses to turn away from the women of his own race to continue putting the white woman on the pedestal and to possibly prove and show the white man that they are their equal.

  2. Tssshhcw… White girls dont want black guys without the money??? and bitch what do u know? Are u a white girl LMAO dont tell me about my taste in men lol.

    Anyways, what youre saying bout natural beauty is 1000% true. Always thought this. When i see an african queen with shiny skin, natural headwrap or a big afro puff, no make up, full lips and high cheekbones, the curvy body etc. You can bet my light pink face turns pretty green with jealousy. (For real 🙁 )

    But ow, when i see, excuse my french, a ghetto bitch with (badly) straightened and fake blonde hair (and it still dont look like mine), a ton of make up, and WORSE,, a GREYEND AKA BLEACHED face … Whoahhh…. Those girls be looking like a horse or i dont even know, phew thats BAD. Its NASTY, cause its fake. Theres nothing nice in a cakey or smothered-shade light face, when underneath that you would have goldish shining brown. Well whatever, your choice.

    P.S. Stop hating, what u think u know about us white girls lol?? I dated a guy (African) with nothing but a can of beans in his fridge and I felt the safest and happiest ever in his arms.

    You dont think maybe some girls date black guys because we find them beautiful ..?

  3. You can’t get mad that men like him are going with white women when you cater to his colorist demands by skin bleaching. Just be your authentic best self and let Becky have them. You are not missing much. Black men are not the only option and if you don’t like colorist men, I suggest opening your options.

  4. oh dear the women will have to bleach even more aggressively now…perhaps caucasian skin transplants will empower them.

  5. Wow! And yet the accusation is always white people are racist! This whole topic is a joke! I am European and as women our reputation is very well respected for what we contribute to a relationship we are beautiful as all women are in different ways! Stop trying to be something you are not at the end of the day if a man prefer white black Chinese Indian … how is it anyone’s business but the two involved in the relationship? So many jealous badmind females always hating on other women to make up for your own insecurities… how many white men I see with black women or Asian women and you don’t see white women getting all “fuming mad” or ignorant as I prefer to call it! We don’t care if they are in love then god bless them! Grow up ladies! Welcome to 2019 time to get over the race card already it’s not a pretty look on anyone!
    Congrats to Popcaan and his lovely lady 💯

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  1. Popcaan and Ishawna had a romantic fling, according to Foota Hype.

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