Will the success of Davina Bennett solve Jamaica’s skin bleaching problem?

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Davina Bennett
Davina Bennett

“I shall teach the black man to see beauty in his own kind and stop bleaching his skin and otherwise looking like what he’s not. Back in the days of slavery, Race mixture, Race miscegenation all occurred BECAUSE THE AFRICAN WOMAN HAD NO PROTECTION FROM THE SLAVEMASTER. Therefore there is no need today for black people themselves to freely continue a PRACTICE that SMACKS so much of slavery.” – Marcus Garvey.

The beautiful Davina Bennett understands the teachings of the great Marcus Garvey; sadly many Jamaicans do not, especially the followers of Vybz Kartel.

The fact that Jamaica gave to the world great men like Marcus Garvey and Dutty Boukman, might lead many people to believe that Jamaicans are proud of their blackness. However, it is quite the contrary on the little island. In Jamaica, Black is not always beautiful and there is such a thing as being too Black. In fact, the University of the West Indies (UWI) conducted a recent study that says that 1 in 3 Jamaican women bleached their skin, while 2 in 5 Jamaican men were into the disgraceful practice.

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Now that Miss Jamaica Universe, Davina Bennett as shown the world that Black is just as beautiful and even more beautiful than lighter complexion, once can only hope that this will be a wakeup call for Jamaica. Hopefully Jamaicans will see in themselves the beauty that Marcus Garvey wanted them to see and this will allow them to embrace and be proud of their Blackness, again.

There was a time when only women in Jamaica would bleach their skin but led by Vybz Kartel it got to the point where the men were catching up with the ladies.

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Hopefully what we saw in Davina’s Sunday night performance at the Miss Universe Pageant signals a new day for Jamaica. A new beginning where the uplifting teaching of Marcus Garvey will be like the law of the land and the destructive teachings of Vybz Kartel will wither like grass. It would be a joy to see Jamaicans no longer destroying their melanin and playing hide and seek with the sun.

As for Jamaican women, maybe Davina Bennett can teach them that they don’t need weave; perm and wigs but they can actually rock their own natural hair, maybe an Afro, just like Miss Jamaica.



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