Jamaica’s most famous rumored homosexual supports Buju Banton.

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Buju Banton and PJ Patterson
Buju Banton and PJ Patterson

Jamaica, the home of the great Buju Banton, is the most beautiful country in the world but the island is not without her share of negativities. One negative thing about Jamaica is that it is a place where it is rather easy for rumors to get started and one a rumor is started is spreads fast.

One of the biggest victims of a Jamaican rumor is former prime minister PJ Patterson when he was accused of being a homosexual. The fact that PJ Patterson was once married and has two children did not do anything to quell the rumors.

In fact in 1993, opposition leader of the Jamaican Labor Party (JLP) called out PJ Patterson for being gay and said PJ should be weary of “Boom bye bye”, a reference to the song by Buju Banton that man believe was advocating the killing of homosexuals.

Fast forward over 25 years and PJ Patterson is now one of the main defenders of Buju Banton.

Many of Jamaica’s so-called upper class are angry at the love and adoration that Buju Banton who is a convict is receiving from the public. There are also those from the homosexual community who believe that Buju Banton should not be allowed on tour unless he can guarantee that the song Boom bye bye will not be performed or played.

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While Patterson does not disagree that Buju Banton committed a crime, he believes the Rasta has paid his fine and should be allowed to make a living without any interference.

“It’s not a question of glorification. He was convicted of a crime, he served his time. He wants to pursue his career in music. People found his message both compelling and alluring. As he himself said It’s not An Easy Road, so he is gone through a difficult part of the road,” Patterson stated.

“Buju has paid his penalty; there is no reason to condemn him in advance of anything he would do in future life. Certainly, when one reads all the evidence of the case it’s very clear that he succumbed to an inducement that he should have avoided. I think he himself would recognize that,” said Patterson.

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PJ Patterson says that if upper class Jamaica has a problem with Buju Banton they should just mind their own business and leave him alone as long as the Rasta artiste is not currently breaking any laws.

“Buju Banton is embarking on a resumption of his career and I think certainly all well-thinking Jamaicans would wish him well and would hope that he will carry a message that will help to inspire and uplift our people at this time,” Patterson concluded.

Buju Banton was released from an American prison last December where he served 9 years on drug related charges. The “Destiny” singer is scheduled to begin his Long Walk To Freedom tour on March 16th at the National stadium in Kingston, Jamaica. The tour will also see the Banton performing in Trinidad, Barbados, the Bahamas and St. Kitts.



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