Kanye West using Buju Banton to get to Jay Z.

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Kanye West and Buju Banton
Kanye West and Buju Banton

What the madness? Kanye West posted that he was in the process of getting Adidas and Puma back together but he did not stop there. He also said he was going to get Jay Z and himself back together.

Kanye and Jay Z who were not only friends but also label mates have seen their relationship estranged for a few years now. On the other hand, just last year, Buju Banton signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation label. So it was kind of strange when shortly after posting about him and Jay Z getting back together, Kanye then posted a photo of himself in Jamaica in a studio with Buju along with the caption “Greatness in the making”..

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It seems like Kanye is serious about mending faces with Jay Z and he is using Buju as the intermediary.

So it is fair to say that we might be hearing some new collaboration between Buju and Kanye West soon and who knows, it might even feature Jay Z. What would even be better is if Kanye could bring in Buju on the Adidas deal. It is a known fact that Rastafarians love their Adidas. Coupled that with the fact that Usain Bolt also have a deal with Puma; Jamaica could play a major role in Kanye’s dream of bringing Puma and Adidas together. Puma is also the major sponsor of most Jamaican athletics including soccer and track and field.

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Whatever comes out of this link up with Kanye, Buju and maybe Jay Z should be interesting.



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