Supporting Donald Trump or supporting apartheid Israel: Which is worse?

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Can Etana beat Ziggy Marley for Reggae Grammy?
Can Etana beat Ziggy Marley for Reggae Grammy?

It is 2019 but the words of Marcus Garvey still rings true, especially when he said, “Today Africans are walking around not only on our feet but on our brains.” There are so many Black people who believe that somehow Donald Trump is more evil than apartheid Israel, although none can properly explain how they came to that conclusion.

Recently 18 Karat Reggae asked whether or not Etana would create history by being the first solo female artiste to ever win the Reggae Grammy award.

Many reggae fans stated that not only would Etana not win over Ziggy Marley but she did not deserve to win. Surprisingly it was not for a lack of quality in her music why they thought she did not deserve to win but rather it was because of her support for Donald Trump back in 2016.

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These reggae fans have no issue with Ziggy Marley winning numerous Reggae Grammy Awards even though he is a staunch supporter of apartheid Israel yet they are using the fact that Etana supports Donald Trump as a reason for her not to win a Grammy.

Donald Trump is a bigot who does not try to hide his hatred and bigotry. But there is nothing that Donald Trump has done that can rival the hatred and bigotry that Israel has unleashed on the Palestinian people over the years, the same hatred and bigotry that Ethiopians living in Israel are now starting to experience.

So why aren’t the anti-Etana folks raging against the fake Rastas who support Israel? Simple, they are walking on their brains and unable to think for themselves so unless the media or someone else tells them what to stand for and against, they do not know.

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Although, Trump is filled with evil intentions like the building of the wall he has not been able to execute those intentions. On the other hand, Israel has already built a wall to keep the Palestinian people off their own land. The Israeli Government has been has evil the South African government that locked Nelson Mandela in prison for 27 years.
Yes, Donald Trump is evil but compared to Israel he is the lesser of two evils.

So there is no need for reggae fans to continue bashing Etana for supporting Donald Trump while fake Rastas like Ziggy Marley, Chronixx and Damian Marley who support apartheid Israel are embraced.



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