Kanye West is gay, according Azealia Banks.

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Kanye West
Kanye West

Azealia Banks was no holds bar on Instagram and unleashing all her wrath on Kanye West. According to the female rapper, Kanye is a closeted gay.

Kanye is apparently hiding in the closet, at least that’s what Azealia Banks claims. When the female emcee slammed the hip-hop superstar over his recent tweets, she dropped the bombshell while stressing that his sexuality is the reason why he always “disrespects” women.

In a series of posts shared on Instagram Stories, Azealia ranted about Kanye’s recent tweets that found him talking about abortion and how he “cried at the thought of aborting my first born.” As she kept criticizing the “Famous” rapper, at one point she claimed, “Maybe the fact that a lot of those mothers did not want to abort their child, you know? Maybe due to f***ing systematic races and you know, you can’t make an equality.”

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She continued, “Maybe they had to give their babies up. Maybe there were a lot of tears that the women had to cry, you know. You ever stop to think about that, motherf***er? No, because you don’t have a f***ing bipolar disorder n***a you’re a closeted homosexual.”

Not stopping there, Azealia went on accusing Kanye of trying to fool the whole word by going on a rant in addition to “running to the church” in hopes that it could help “cleanse himself off the demon or whatever.” Azealia also threatened to expose the Yeezy founder because she knew a lot of “homo s**t” that he has done, before claiming that his sexuality is the reason why he always does Teyana Taylor dirty whenever she works on a project with him.

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During her rant, Azealia told Kanye several times to just come out of the closet and “suck d**k in peace,” because that way, he could leave the bipolar disorder community.

Kanye hasn’t responded to Azealia.



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